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Why Is Online Sentence Editor So In-Demand?

The emerging trend to correct the sentence online for free as well as using a paid subscription has become a new norm in the writing industry in recent years. Numerous powerful tools for providing online help to check my sentence for errors have also mushroomed to cater to this increasing demand in the marketplace. Let’s explore the demand, features, capabilities, and other powerful aspects of our professional-level online English corrector.

According to recent research, English writing mistakes are directly associated with landing a good job as well as getting reasonable promotion in job responsibilities. Thus, the writers and students of all domains use an online sentence construction checker for improving their writing skills. The most common reasons for the increased demand for online sentences helper tools are listed below:

  • A higher level of accuracy in results
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Round the clock availability
  • Faster and instant results
  • Available in premium and freemium plans
  • Text tone improvement help
  • Continual learning options
  • Plagiarized text detection

Difficulties in Writing without Online Sentence Corrector Help

Is this sentence grammatically correct from all aspects? And what type of sentence is this checker? A writer has to face numerous difficulties to get the right answers to these questions. A few of those difficulties are mentioned below:

  • Understanding all aspects of grammar
  • Learning skills for proofreading and editing
  • Risk of plagiarized content remains in writing
  • Difficulties in maintaining the right tone of text
  • Students face issues to match with the writing criteria of modern standards
  • Wastage of lot of time and money in manual works
  • No options for multiple checking/editing
  • Chances of left-over mistakes due to human error

Our specialized English correction online tool is capable of detecting a wide range of mistakes in text and can provide numerous additional features that make your writing an awesome piece. Let’s explore the top functionalities of our free sentence proofreader online and English sentence corrector.

Sentence Grammar Corrector

Our online grammar check sentence tool finds a wide range of grammatical mistakes from your text and also provides the suitable corrections to those mistakes instantly.

A few of those grammatical mistakes that our sentence corrections online tool can find and fix are listed below:

  • Verb-subject disagreements
  • Shifts in verb tense in sentences and paragraphs
  • Misuse of apostrophes in different shortened words
  • Wrong choice of words in sentences
  • Incorrect use of tenses in sentences
  • Misuses of clauses and phrases
  • Prepositional phrase and preposition errors
  • Noun and pronoun mistakes such as wrong pronoun referencing 
  • Misuse of different forms of adjectives
  • Incorrect use of different forms of weak and strong verbs
  • Misplaced adjective and adverb modifiers
  • Misuses of active and passive voices
  • Excessive use of adverbs in the sentences
  • Excessive addition of commas in sentences (superfluous comma issue)
  • Mistakes related to misuse of articles
  • Use faulty parallelism in choosing the forms of words
  • Misplaced use of “to” in infinitive verbs
  • Improper use of conjunctions
  • Mistakes related to interjections and exclamation marks

All of the above-mentioned grammatical mistakes need strong command over English grammar to find and fix. Our online grammar checking tool can find all those grammatical mistakes and help fix them instantly with a great level of accuracy and reliability. How to check whether a sentence is grammatically correct or not online? You just need to type the sentence in the text field of our online tool and click a button to check your sentence. You will get the response instantly. Our online grammar tool can make your writing professional without making you face difficulties at all.

Sentence Punctuation Checker

Another major capability of our specialized online tool is to identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence and help you correct those punctuation mistakes instantly. Finding punctuation errors is a very complex and tedious process. The chances of missing the punctuation errors are huge. Any little mistakes related to the punctuation misuse in sentences can change the original meaning of the sentence easily.

A few top mistakes related to punctuation are listed mentioned below:

  • Run-on sentences without any proper use of commas, full stop, or semicolon, etc. 
  • Fused sentence mistakes due to punctuation errors
  • Extraneous apostrophes in sentences
  • Unnecessary quotation marks errors
  • Excessive use of commas in complex sentences
  • Irrelevant use of exclamation marks in sentences
  • Comma mistake in the use of serials of items, words, or phrases
  • Oxford comma mistakes in British English writing style
  • Comma splices errors in complex structures
  • Parenthetical comma mistakes
  • Introductory phrase or words without comma
  • Dependent clause without any comma following it

An editor or proofreader will face a wide range of difficulties in finding the mistakes associated with the English punctuation:

  • Deeper understanding of punctuation from multiple grammatical and writing skills
  • Clear understanding of the use of comma in different aspects of a sentence as well as a word
  • Should have knowledge of sentence fragments, run-on sentences, fused sentences, and other aspects of sentences that are influenced by the misuse of comma
  • A deeper command over different types of phrases that are separated by the use of commas
  • Professional-level knowledge of using semicolon, colon, apostrophe, period, dashes, exclamation marks, and other marks associated with the punctuation of the sentences

Our professional-grade online run on sentence fixer can find and fix all types of punctuation errors in your text to make it free from all punctuation mistakes instantly. It makes your life much easier by removing the issues associated with punctuation editing.

Incomplete Structure Checker

Incomplete sentences are those combinations of words that don’t provide the complete sense to the readers. The structure of a sentence is defined under the grammatical rules. If any sentence does not qualify in accordance with those rules, the sentence is considered as an incomplete sentence. There are numerous types of sentences that are officially named for being incomplete based on the pre-defined grammatical rules. Examples of those incomplete sentences are mentioned below:

  • Run-on sentences – Run-on sentences are those types of complex sentences that are not properly connected through comma, period, or semicolon. Normally, a complex sentence has multiple phrases that need to be properly connected and separated with the help of certain punctuation marks or change in the sentence structure.
  • Sentence fragments – A sentence fragment or fragmented sentence is a type of clause or a group of words in which one of the 3 basic components is missing. The most fundamental components of a sentence are subject, verb, and complete thought. If any one of them is missing, it is known as sentence fragments.
  • Fused sentences – A fused sentence is a type of run-on sentence. In a fused sentence, two independent clauses are used without any punctuation mark to separate those two independent clauses.
  • Miscellaneous incomplete structures – Those sentence structures that cannot provide complete meaning of the clause due to any fault other than the above-mentioned items.

Dealing with multiple types of incomplete sentences, you need a full command over the English grammar, writing rules, and different types of referencing styles. The skills of editing and proofreading are also a must to deal with those top issues related to the incomplete sentences.

The simple and easy to deal with them automatically is to use our complete sentence checker online tool. It provides you with instant support and accurate results.

Sentence Structure Checker

The sentence structure in English a group of words, phrases, or clauses that consists of all basic components of a sentence and they are placed at their respective positions in the sentence. The sentence structure is governed by the syntax and syntactic structure of a sentence. The fundamental structure of a sentence should consist of subject, verb, object, and predicate in the same sequence.

If a sentence structure is manufactured as per above basic grammatical rules, the sentence structure is known as free from structure mistakes. A writer in any field, especially students who use English as a foreign language, have to face numerous types of difficulties to grasp the concepts and the associated rules governing the structures of the sentences properly.

Our online sentence fragment fixer online platform can help all types of writers to get all mistakes and issues in the structures of sentences in their writings removed with highly accurate results. Writers are not required to establish command over the difficult grammatical rules and other related jargons to get this done. Our simple sentence finder is so simple and easy to use for getting your writing free from all structure related issues instantly.

Simple and Complex Sentence Generator

There are three basic types of sentences used in English writing; they are mentioned below:

  • Simple sentence
  • Complex sentence
  • Compound sentence

The simple sentence is a type of sentence in which only one clause is used with all necessary components to produce the complete thought in the sentence. The simple sentence should include subject, verb, object, and thought. The example of a simple sentence is given below:

Example: John reads a book in the evening.

A complex sentence is a type of sentence in which at least one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses should be present with a proper connection and punctuation to produce a complete thought. A complex sentence should have both dependent and independent clauses. The example of complex sentence is given below:

Example: He will leave for London tomorrow, if the weather gets normal.

In this example, the first clause sitting before the comma “He will leave for London tomorrow” is an independent clause, which has all four components that qualifies it as an independent clause. The second clause “if the weather gets normal” is a dependent clause because it cannot produce complete thought without the support of an independent clause.

Our online simple sentence finder platform is specialized in finding all types of mistakes related to different types of sentences. It is also fully capable of providing the most suitable solutions to the mistakes in your sentences instantly. The results of our online tool are highly accurate and reliable.

If you are looking for a specialized sentence fixer to make your writings mistake-free and shiny, try our sentence corrector to polish your paper to perfection!