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The trend to check sentence grammar online is gaining ground extensively across all fields of writings, especially in the domain of academic writing. A large number of professional-level tools have also emerged in the marketplace in recent years to cater to the increasing demand for auto grammar and sentence correction tools online. Our online automatic sentence corrector is one of the most accurate and specialized grammar checking tools in the market.

How Important Is It to Correct My Sentence Grammar?

How much does it matter to check my sentence grammar online? The simple answer to this question is: it matters a lot. If your text contains grammatical mistakes and other writing issues, you would not be able to achieve the desired objective of your writing. A specialized online tool helps you find error in sentence online through an automated software powered by a comprehensive algorithm that detects all types of issues in your writing to tweak your paper as a professional one.

The main points for using an online free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector are listed below:

  • Makes your writing look professional and error-free
  • Your paper rates very high in exams and competitions
  • Improves your writing skills and confidence
  • Saves you a substantial time for proofreading and editing
  • You can get your writing published in reputed journals and magazines

Typical Grammatical Mistakes: Check My Grammar in a Sentence

What are the most common grammatical mistakes made by the writers? Numerous researches have been conducted to detect the most common grammatical mistakes made by a wide range of writers, especially the students in universities and schools. A few very common mistakes made by the writers in English who use english as a foriegn language (EFL) are mentioned below:

mistakes to fix with sentence grammar corrector
  • Run-on sentence. A sentence in which two independent clauses are not properly connected and punctuated.
  • Comma splices. A sentence structure mistake in which two independent clauses are separated by a simple comma.
  • Tautologies. The repetitive words or phrases with redundant meanings is known as a tautology mistake.
  • Wordiness sentences. Those sentences in which unnecessary fillers and extra words are used rather than the direct and suitable word.
  • Vague pronoun referencing. In this type of mistake, writers normally use wrong pronoun form to refer to the original subject.  
  • Squinting modifiers. The misplaced adverb qualifier changes the sense of a sentence by qualifying the other word of the sentence is known as squinting modifier issue.
  • Excessive use of prepositional phrases. Preposition phrase is a group of words consisting of preposition and object. The use of a prepositional phrase in excess makes the writing unprofessional. 
  • Misuse of apostrophes. This mistake occurs while shortening the words like you’ve/won’t and others and creating possessiveness.
  • Misuses of active and passive voice. Excessive use of passive and incorrect conversion of voice is another big problem found in English writing.
  • Incorrect uses of prepositions. There are certain prepositions that are fixed to follow certain words such as verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Writers use the other prepositions that are not correct after those words.

Those common mistakes can be averted either by following the grammatical rules properly or by using a paragraph grammar correction online tool to find grammar mistakes in paragraph of your writing.

How to Check the Grammar of My Sentence for Fixing All Errors?

What are the major ways to test my sentence grammar in the present market? You can choose numerous ways including manual as well as automated methods. A few very important ones are mentioned below:

how to check my grammar in a sentence
  • Self-editing. You can use this manual way of editing and proofreading your paper for finding and fixing the grammatical mistakes yourself. This method requires you to have a command over grammar rules and writing skills.
  • Group editing. In this method, a group of friends can get together for editing papers of the writers in the group mutually. This method also requires the skills and expertise to produce better results.
  • Hiring a professional editor. There are many professional editors who offer their services for editing and proofreading your content for a small fee. The turnaround time for this process may be a bit lengthy. You have to wait for a certain period before you get your paper edited and proofread.
  • Using a sentence checker and corrector online. This is a type of automated proofreading and editing process powered by a software application. It operates automatically in the cloud to check mistakes in your text. You can access it through the supported browser instantly for free.

What Mistakes May Our Correct Sentence Maker Find and Fix?

Our specialized grammar tool to check for incomplete sentences and other grammatical mistakes can find a wide range of mistakes in your text to make it look more professional. A few of those mistakes that can be found and fixed through our online tool are listed below:

  • All types of sentence structure mistakes such as comma splices, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, missing sentence components, and others
  • Capable of finding all types of nouns and associated mistakes
  • Finds and fixes all types of misuses of pronouns and their cases
  • Catches and corrects incorrect pronoun referencing
  • Detects the misplaced adverb modifiers in a sentence
  • Able to find verb-subject and tense-verb form disagreements
  • Catches tense-verb shifts in sentences as well as in paragraphs
  • Catches capitalization issues in titles as well as in sentences
  • Detects and deletes the spelling and punctuation issues
  • Capable of finding and fixing adverb, adjective, and conjunction related mistakes
  • Finds all preposition and prepositional phrase issues
  • Catches all misuses of active and passive voices in the text
  • Detects and deletes tautology and bad choice of words in sentence
  • Catches the plagiarized text to avoid from copyright issues
  • Tweaks you text by assessing the tone and effectiveness of your text

How to Fix Them Online?

There is a predefined automated process implemented into the software tool that scans, detects, and provides the options to fix the grammatical mistakes in the text. This entire process is accomplished in the following simple steps:

  1. Either copy and paste or directly type your text into the widget of our tool
  2. Click the “check my text” button. The automated software performs a sentence formation check to detect all types of mistakes by underlining them to highlight.
  3. Click the underlined words or phrases. The corrective options with suitable explanations will pop up.
  4. Choose the right option to correct the underlined mistake. Repeat this process for all other mistakes too.
  5. You are done!

Pros & Cons of Using Online Sentence Editor to Edit My Grammar Free

Like every process, using an online sentence grammar checker has also two sides of a coin. Although it offers a wide range of benefits to all types of writers, still there are a few downsides of using an online tool too. Let’s identify the most important pros and cons of using an online sentence editor.


  • Offers highly reliable and accurate results
  • Provides instant results with super efficiency
  • Options for unlimited checking your text
  • Saves you a lot of time as compared to manual checking
  • Saves you substantial amount of money
  • Improves the writing efficiency and productivity of writers
  • Helps writers learn continually through corrective suggestion method
  • Offers you the option to evaluate in terms of numerous factors such as effectiveness, tone, and others
  • Helps you to tweak your writing according to the mood, attitude, nature of the target audience
  • Makes your text free from any kinds of plagiarized content so that you are not caught for copyright infringement and other legal and moral issues
  • Provides a comprehensive place for finding and fixing other types of grammatical mistakes that can reduce the quality of your text
  • Provides you with the options to use it either as a freemium or a premium service
  • You can access the tool at any time instantly without any waiting lines at all
  • Round the clock availability from any part of the world


  • The accuracy and reliability of online tools is still in progress
  • Free versions are normally limited with basic features
  • Industry or domain specific items, terms, and words may skip from correction
  • A few issues still exist with large and complex sentences to check through online tools
  • Lesser ability to understand context and background issues

Additional Reasons to Try Our Sentence Grammar Corrector Online

Other than the above-mentioned advantages, you can try our online sentence grammar corrector for the following additional reasons:

  • The super flexibility and freedom to use for any kinds of writings
  • Numerous separate tools and settings are available to customize your text as per your own requirements
  • Options for setting different levels, types of referencing styles, and other writing standards
  • The options for online and offline plugins and downloadable software also available
  • A wide range of browsers and their add-ons are supported

Is this sentence grammatically correct? To make sure your sentence is flawless, use our online grammar checker without any hesitation to achieve highly accurate results and numerous additional features.

If you are looking for a professional-grade online grammar editor to find and fix errors in your paper, try our sentence grammar check with full confidence!